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Keynotes & Workshops


Media Savvy: Get Reporters to Eat Out of Your Hand, Not Bite It

policeIt’s easy to get good publicity… if you’re media savvy. After this session, guide external communications and promote a positive public image about your organization. Through case studies, role-plays and video examples, learn from a veteran journalist how to manage the media in a low-stress, high-results manner!

At the end of this presentation, audiences will:

  • Know the two phrases that tick off journalists
  • Hear the two things that every reporter wants from you
  • Practice crafting soundbites that sizzle
  • Discover how to intrigue the news media

Best Audience: Company executives, front line staff, boards of directors, small business owners, associations, authors and athletes

Lorri Allen is engaging, energetic and content-driven. Audiences will laugh and learn while they’re educated and entertained.

“You did an outstanding job as a speaker—not only are you dynamic in delivery, you are easy to work with, you have great ideas and you made our customers and prospects feel at ease instantly. In addition, your content is excellent. Our audiences appreciated your practical methods for attracting positive publicity and your commonsense strategies for communicating in crisis.”

Gregg Swindling, SouthTrust Bank

Get more value: This engaging, fascinating discussion is best presented in a keynote AND a workshop.

Crisis Communications: Help! The Boss Just Got Arrested and I’m in Charge!

waco2Every organization faces a crisis. How you handle yours could mean the difference in whether your company becomes an Enron or a Tylenol. When you least want it, news reporters swarm to get the late breaking story of crisis at your company. Prepare for the disaster with a media expert who continues to work as a journalist to bring you the cutting-edge information that will save your reputation and thousands of dollars in negative fallout.

Lorri Allen gives you tools, formulas and phrases to sound smart and gracious in any crisis.

Best Format: This must-have information can be a lively keynote or up to a full-day of training.

Participants will:

  • Discuss how to choose the best spokesperson
  • Learn the importance of a media policy
  • Review the best ways to react in a crisis
  • Practice crisis responses
  • Learn when to call a news conference
  • Find out how to avoid the press

Best Audience: Leaders and those who aspire to be, Human Resources professionals and associations

Although this can be a breakout session in a conference setting, Lorri will go to great lengths to customize an emergency drill at your site. Warning: This session will change the way you run your business!

“I appreciate all the grand, helpful hints and reassurance you offered which helped erase some of the fears I have relating to this debut on national television. Thank you for your attention and personal advice.”

Jamene Toelkes, King Ranch

Perfect Days: Making It All Good News!

lasvegasWith so much bad news surrounding us, this presentation reminds audiences to design and savor the perfect days. Lorri uses heart-tugging stories from her years as a TV journalist, a marathon runner and as the granddaughter of a war hero to hit home the idea that perfect days may be few and far between, but when we work together for a great cause, we create perfect days for others and ourselves all the time.

Best Format: A 30-45 minute keynote or a 75-minute breakout session

Best Audience: Patriotic groups, women’s organizations, non-profit associations, events to honor volunteers.

After hearing this presentation, participants will:

  • Learn ways to create a perfect day
  • Be inspired to give co-workers a break on not-so perfect days
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming not-so perfect days
  • Remember to savor the good times

From the moment Lorri begins this speech until the second it ends, you are taken on a heart-stopping, death-defying ride! This is a fun–yet touching–presentation that could have you crying one moment and laughing the next.

“I just got back to my room at midnight and people everywhere were still talking about making it a perfect day!!! (I’m not just saying that!) Your positive words and energy were PERFECT! I can’t wait to call my friend Phil Tanner, who recommended you, and thank him… he said you were just what we needed…he was right!”

Jan Fitzhugh, Texas Assisted Living Association

Speaking Under Fire: Sound Smart and Gracious in Any Situation

waco3It doesn’t take a gang of reporters sticking microphones under your chin to make you sweat. Any high-stakes presentation–or any time you get in front of anyone where your words and style will be scrutinized–qualifies as speaking under fire. In this valuable session, learn tips and tricks for keeping your cool from a professional speaker who’s been speaking to large audiences since she was 13.

Best format: Available as 60-minute keynote or 1-2 day training

Best audience: Executives, salespeople, candidates for elected office, people who don’t like to speak, anyone who has to speak in high-pressure venues.

During the session, participants will:

  • Practice speaking on their feet in stressful situations
  • Rehearse your own presentation
  • Learn ways to look and sound your best

After participating in this dynamic workshop, you will:

  • Be able to organize your thoughts under deadline pressure
  • Understand why it’s important to prepare for the worst-case scenario
  • Know strategies for appearing confident
  • Leave with a videotape of yourself speaking, featuring customized feedback

Graduates of this course appreciate Lorri Allen’s technique of helping them improve without destroying their confidence. Lorri is high-energy without being annoying, plus she models the kind of speaker we all strive to be. You may get the gravitas just by osmosis in this class!

“I feel compelled to thank you for perhaps being the pivotal point in my attitude concerning public presentations… There is no way to communicate your procedure or professionalism in an evaluation form… Still, I see changes in David, I see hope for John and Martin my friend, is eager for more challenges. For me you have sparked an interest in things I have never considered. Your day was very successful, congratulations, few people reach that level.”

Michael Chase, ACS

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