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Lorri Allen

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I have finally learned what that saying “The devil is in the details” means. Our move to an older home has been frustrating. Satan may be trying to destroy our joy by stressing us to arguments over the little never-ending hassles. In the last two moves, boxes have been cleared in less than a week, and soon a new house felt like home. Not so with this 62-year-old dwelling. Every step forward is a battle. Just to name a few setbacks: the dryer shocked, the shredder died, the dishwasher broke. Then the new stove would not work. That turned out to be a life-saving blessing.

Mark called the gas utility and the representative discovered a leak, near the dryer. We believe God murdered our dryer. If the dryer had worked, it could have sparked an explosion that would have killed us or at the least, leveled the house.

Now that the leak is repaired, we will try an old dryer left in the garage. If that one doesn’t work, we can buy a new one or try the Laundromat down the street. In the meantime, my handy husband threaded a clothesline between two pecan trees. He had to teach me how to pin the wet items. He laughed when I was so surprised to see the shirts and towels dry in just a few hours. It was a miracle!

Despite the setbacks, we look for the small victories: another box emptied, another picture hung. Satan may try to defeat us with annoyances, but he can’t win. My God revels in details and the big picture. Only He could have come up with such a complete solution as a clothespin.

“And my God shall supply all your needs…” Philippians 4:19


~May the good news of Jesus brighten your week~


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