“Thank you for a WONDERFUL job at the Wilbur Awards. Most folks would never have guessed that we lost the co-host ten minutes before and you had to read twice as many lines as anticipated (with new unpronounceable names). For 15 years I’ve worried about the emcees. But this year was different. I never worried. I knew you could do it and would do it well – and you did! You radiate a quiet confidence the puts producers at ease. Even the phone segment went well in spite of the significant risk of potential disaster. I’ve read the compiled convention evaluation forms and they have nothing but praise for the evening.”

– Andy Rawls, Wilbur Awards Producer

“In my eight years as an employee of SMU, I have participated in most of the personal enrichment classes offered by our Human Resource department. Your class is the best class I have ever attended; I wish I had the opportunity to do so years earlier. You are a brilliant and engaging teacher. I admire your ability to graciously keep the class on task throughout the day…”

– Kate Moreland, Annual Giving Coordinator, Southern Methodist University

“Comments from meeting attendees were nothing but positive and included such statements as ‘far exceeded my expectations,’ ‘presenting skills extremely valuable,’ ‘she kept my attention and made the presentation both fun and informative,’ ‘one of the best DDA presentations I have heard’ and ‘come again.’ We clearly hit a home run with Ms. Allen as a speaker for our organization.”

– Lona Sandon, M.Ed., R.D., Dallas Dietetic Association, Assistant Professor,
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

“I was a nervous wreck—my very first interview promoting our new book, You’re Not My Mom was to have a viewing audience of 4.4 billion people! After only one of Lorri’s professional media coaching sessions, I was calm and ready for whatever the interviewers tossed my way. Lorri ROCKS!”

– Kali Schnieders, Author of You’re NOT My Mom!…Confessions of a Formerly “Wicked” Stepmom

“Lorri, you’re incredible. I am telling others that your coaching is the best investment they can make in taking their careers to the next level. I’m just back from a 6AM interview on K*EYE (CBS affiliate), that I got called for at the last minute (yesterday afternoon). I felt very much at ease, thanks to your help. You are phenomenal! I can’t thank you enough for what your media coaching services did for my recent appearance on PBS. Not only did you help me find the ideal opportunity to showcase my story and mission, but then you prepared me to maximize that opportunity. After working together, I felt relaxed and confident for my appearance on PBS’ “Heart Disease: The Silent Killer.”

“You truly provided one-stop shopping, sharing with me the do’s and don’ts gleaned from years of experience as a reporter and on-camera personality. And your help in selecting proper wardrobe and accessories, along with makeup tips, was invaluable, as the show’s makeup artist barely needed to touch me up.

– Mellanie True Hills, The Health & Productivity Revitalizer

“The best thing about your class was that you, in particular, were so engaging. I’ve been in lots of conferences and workshops where I felt like I was watching an infomercial. All of them have a group participation component, and hardly ever, if at all, do I feel really connected to the presentation. You were able to capture my attention from the very beginning and kept it all day long.”

– George Finney, Network Engineer, Southern Methodist University

“Your style is so fresh and engaging! Thank you for bringing your expertise, professionalism and passion to the class. We benefited immensely from it.”

– Denise Cook, Howard Payne University

“I found your advice to be exactly what I wanted: useful, specific, thorough, responsive and supportive… Your approach- professional, knowledgeable, respectful, light-hearted –made the whole process fun!”

– Mariah Burton Nelson, Author & Speaker

“There is no question that my working with you was invaluable in increasing my comfort and confidence level going into the broadcast. I know that your coaching had a tremendous impact on my performance!”

– Sue Carroll Clapp, President, SCC and Associates

“I appreciate all the grand, helpful hints and reassurance you offered which helped erase some of the fears I have relating to this debut on national television. Thank you for your attention and personal advice.”

– Jamene Toelkes, King Ranch

“LORRI, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Your advice was right on. I felt at ease on camera and got my message across. What I like best about working with you is your down-to-earth approach, and that you genuinely care about making me look my best. I will strongly recommend you to anyone who needs a media consultant. Thanks for all your help.”

– Linda Byars Swindling, Attorney-Mediator

“Thanks so much for an excellent presentation. You were wonderful!”

– Tom Hatfield, Texas Public Heath Association

“How can we truly express how much we appreciated your presentation this afternoon? I am amazed at how well you managed to relate to the students and keep them entertained as well as informed. Not many speakers can keep them as engaged as you did, particularly with such a large group, and that is truly a wonderful talent. I know it does take work to develop speaking techniques, but some of us can work very hard and still not have the talent you possess.”

– Jacque Tindel, Newman Smith High School, Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District

“You really connect with your audience; I felt as though you were speaking only to me. I learned a lot…thanks so much…”

– Max Jaffe, President, Spending Solutions, Inc.

Some of Lorri’s clients include:

Dallas Dietetic Association
Girl Scouts-Circle T Council
Mystery Shopping Providers Association
National Cotton Council of America
Southern Methodist University
SouthTrust Bank
The University of Texas at Arlington

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